By Cory Giles

Being that today makes 18 years since we lost the legendeary B.I.G the team from Socialite Heights shares our favorite Biggie Songs and Albums.


Let’s start with songs :

@Julian232 – ” Juicy ” – Because he he reminisces on his past life and what the future holds us but he never forgets where he comes from and what got him to where he was at at that very moment.

@JohnnyUtahX – ” Ten Crack Comanndements ” –  Because of the old school feel of it and the sample of Chuck D counting down the numbers is a classic. It was a toss up with Warning and Kick in The Door I love how he breaks down the rules to the crack game in 10 easy steps. Makes sense through out the song and the beat is crazy with the scratching.

@Corneliousgiles – ” Everyday Struggle ” – That song just makes me think of the everyday struggle people where I come for deal with. It’s a real song and one of my favorites of all time.


Now some Album picks :


@TalTalz – Life After Death Disc 2 – My favorite album of Big’s is the two disc posthumously released Life after Death. It contains some of my favorite tracks including Hyptonize and Notorious Thugs featuring Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. But the main reason why it’s my favorite album is because of Sky’s the Limit- that track reminds me why I fell in love with hip hop since it’s a substantial story set to a fitting beat.

@Miss_Twhitted – Life After Death – 3 Reasons
1. The album had so many hits super classic
2. I knew all the lyrics to every song ESP Mo money mo problems and “Another
” ft Lil Kim
3. This album is why I wanted to work in the entertainment industry.




@Ether_Blog90z – Ready To Die – The stories, especially on ” Gimmie The Loot ” , ” Me and My Bitch ” and ” Warning ” are amazing.


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