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How does one record all of life’s most neglected yet pivotal moments and put them all on display for the whole world to examen? I guess it’s all in timing.  Just ask Brooklyn based videographer, Simone Varano, how her one woman movement (H x provides this exact platform.


Terry –  Who is Simone Varano and what is 

Simone – Simone Varano is a girl from Virginia who decided it’d be cool to film some of the dope people & places she encountered on a daily basis. started out simply as a platform for the series, but it’s now become an interactive blog that encompasses the Hour by Hour lifestyle in it’s entirety.



Terry – I’m told you’re from the DM(V)! How has your upbringing helped transition you into your current N.Y.C residency? 

Simone – Well the DMV is kind of like a chilled out version of NYC. DC is like the major epicenter of the DMV, and Virginia and Maryland are the surrounding suburbs that keep it a nice balance. I think growing up in a place that was a good mixture of the two helped me identify with where I live now in Brooklyn. Manhattan and even certain parts of Brooklyn near the city are WAY too intense for me, kind of like if I lived smack dab in the middle of DC. Living near Coney Island keeps me close enough to the city to do my work, but far enough away to be left alone.

Terry – has a myriad of eclectic features ranging from photography to social commentary. What’s the overall vision of your site? 

Simone – Like I mentioned briefly before, I view Hour by Hour as a lifestyle. I have trouble defining myself strictly as a videographer, or a photographer, or a music enthusiast, or a writer, etc., so I kind of wanted a platform where I can merge all of those qualities together. Also, the point of Hour by Hour is to shine light on the underrepresented. It only makes sense to me to create a website that features the work of my peers.

Terry –  If you could use one adjective to describe you and your movement, what would it be and why? 

Simone – Transformative – Hour by hour is all about the people and places. After living in NYC for 4 years, I’ve realized that things don’t really tend to stay the same. I myself am also growing and learning more to become better at my craft, so  the more I learn through my experience here, the more the series is going to change and expand.



Terry – What prompted you to create the documentary titled The Struggle is Real?  

Simone – I created the Struggle is Real because I went through a lot of rough patches just to be able to live here. I’ve been the broke girl in a school full of privileged rich kids, I’ve travelled from place to place with my suitcase and crashed on random peoples couches for weeks on end, I’ve been turned down countless times and have been told my dreams and ambitions were stupid, I’ve been through a lot, and it can be extremely lonely. I wanted to know if there were other people out there who were going through similar situations.


Terry – What’s next for Simone Varano? 

Simone – Well, I’ve just recently come back from documenting some of the things that how been going on in Ferguson, MO during the ‘Ferguson October’ weekend. I plan on creating a short documentary on some of the things I experienced while I was staying there. It really blew my mind how much the media pick and chose what they wanted to display…and it bothered me knowing that the attention needed there would die down once the cameras stopped rolling. I was fortunate enough to meet with Mike Browns family and the individuals who have been on the front line since day one, so it’d mean a lot for me to be able to go back and get their blessings on the film.

Terry – Are there any social media links where our readers can follow you or view your work? 

Simone – IG: @_Varano
Twitter: @SimoneVarano

Terry –  Any final words?

Simone – Everything will work itself out in the end.



Interview Conducted By – @SirSocialiteTee

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