By Cory Giles

We all draw inspiration from something that may already be popular in the public eye.


The trick is sampling carefully and not straight copying the form of inspiration. In music, we hear of artists stealing old songs and using them decades later with no permission from the original artist (I.E.- Robin Thicke with Marvin Gaye and “Blurred Lines”. Now it seems that the Alabama Crimson Tide was inspired by Lebron’s barbershop series “The Shop”.



As you see above Alabama is getting ready to release “Shop Talk”, the show features Alabama alumnus Julio Jones joining Saban and other football players for an off-the-cuff roundtable discussion in a barbershop setting. Last year. Lebron James and his good friend/agent Maverick Carter produced a show entitled “The Shop” last year.



“Uninterrupted,” has previously released two installments of the web series “The Shop” and filmed a third, which featured Lebron himself. Today, “Uninterrupted” sent a letter to Alabama addressing concerns over copyright infringement and intellectual property appropriation. This is a serious matter for Lebron and his “Uninterrupted brand, but before they take things to the courtroom they did ask Alabama for a sit down in the letter. Well, one thing for sure is we hope both sides can come to a mutual agreement.

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