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Representing Upstate New York, emerging hip hop artist Shawn Taylor talks about his latest “No Feelings” and more.


Kadeem: When did you know that having a career in music is what you wanted to do with your life?

Shawn Taylor: So I had to be, it was about I’m gonna say 19 I started really jumping into music, that’s like when I was coming out of high school I was really trying to find myself, what I was good at. At the end of the day I wasn’t that good in sports I was nice but I wasn’t the ill-est so I knew I wasn’t going to the league, basketball football. So I just started looking around and seeing what I could do and music just came so thick and major to me based off what was around me. My grandma used to sing, when I was with her she used to sing gospel music was always around me. So I just tried music, I tried hip hop and people started taking apart of it and giving so much love and support around it. So it was about 19 years old I really started doing music.


Kadeem: Who have been some of your musical influences?

Shawn Taylor: Growing up Michael Jackson, like I said growing up in my grandma’s house there was a lot of gospel music, so I listened to Donny Kirkland, Yolanda Adams, 50 Cent, the whole Dipset movement in New York. So that’s who I would say were my big motivations growing up.


Kadeem: How did you come up with the concept of Got One TV? What is the meaning of it?

Shawn Taylor: The whole thing with Got One is funny. Before it was anything it was just a phrase I used to say when I started doing music, right when the beat dropped I would say ‘got one’, and then my uncle shout out to director Tommy S, he told me to run with it. He was like yo that’s a dope phrase you should run with it you should make it something because it sounds like something. So with that I made Got One my team, so that’s actually my whole team right there. Then with the phrase we made it a movement. Where I’m from 845 that’s Rockland County, we made it a movement. So I basically brand Got One on everything. The Youtube channel Got One TV is watch us watch the movement grow, and the meaning behind Got One Tv is you got one life to live, you got one focus you gotta go hard with everything you do. That’s how I came up with the whole Got One phrase.


Kadeem: You worked with MagicontheBeat & Turbzmusic frequently, how did you end up collaborating with them?

Shawn Taylor: I met Magic through my management who he’s actually from Boston. Magic is from Boston and Turbz is originally from Boston he resides in Brooklyn now. So with that they brought me in the studio with Magic and when he played his beats I really connected with him to the point where I knew we could make magic (that’s funny) make history with my lyrical content my style of music with his creative way of making beats. So that’s how I met Magic, and when I met Turbz it was just love we just wanted to make a team and just build.


Kadeem: Why did you choose specifically to make your directorial debut for the video for No Feelings?

Shawn Taylor: With No Feelings every time I play No Feelings, I would play all my music with a couple of people No feelings always stuck out, and it came from a real place, that scenario of having somebody that’s no strings attached and it just evolving into something you and the other person didn’t expect which is having feelings for that person. With that I wanted to move forward I wanted to make a visual for that. I actually wrote the treatment and directed that whole video. So to accomplish that, that was my first time behind a camera being a director. It was dope.


Kadeem: What did you learn about directing by directing the video?

Shawn Taylor: I learned that it’s totally different. You feel that it’s easy making music but sometimes it’s just another level of being creative. I always like to be creative, I want to step out the box. I want to know my limits at the end of the day. I want to know what I can do and can’t do and I always jump in the game knowing I can do whatever I put my mind to. Being that director putting a visual attached to just the music is just a dope feeling and I appreciate the opportunity I had to do it.


Kadeem: What do you feel that you bring to music that is unique and different?

Shawn Taylor: Probably my point of view that I’m giving out and just the style of the music I make. It’s mixed with rap, it’s mixed with melodic flows, there’s a lot of levels. It actually sounds like a choir. If you listen to the music it’s a choir. I guess that’s based off my growing up with the gospel music around me. I try to make it as full as possible with the songs.


Kadeem: What’s next for you?

Shawn Taylor: Right now, sky’s the limit. Right now I’m trying to push my first album I’m trying to create a new album, visuals I’m trying to be behind the camera more and a lot more shows. A lot more shows.

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