By Ashley

On his 48th birthday, Sean Combs formerly known as “Diddy”, has decided that it was time to change his moniker once more.


Sean Combs has gone through name changes before. Back in 97′ he introduced himself as “Puff Daddy”, then changing it back to his real name Sean John (also the name of his clothing company). Over the next several years, he would be called “Puffy”, then “P.Diddy” and then dropping the “P” in 2005, and just going by “Diddy”.


On Saturday, he took to Twitter to announce that he will no longer go by “Diddy” or any of his other former names, but he will now go by “Brother Love” or “Love”. On Twitter, Brother Love explained that he feels like his new name is a reflection of the person who he has become, stating ” I’m just not who I am before. I’m something different.”


With all of the name-changing that he has undergone in the past, let’s hope that he sticks to this one for a while.

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