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RedBull not only gives you wings but based on their past and current projects they want your mind to take flight as well.


This could not be more evident in their latest documentary Across the Board on musical genius and founding member of pioneering production team Sa-Ra, Om’Mas Keith. Across the Board premiered today (June 17th) exclusively on RedBull TV (to view click here).


I had the immense pleasure of viewing this documentary last night at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City before it premiered globally. The audience present in the intimate yet sizable venue waited patiently for producer Chris Tobran to take the microphone and officially kick things off.


During the introductions from both Chris and Om’Mas himself, they shared anecdotes from the process as well as their gratitude to not only whoever was involved but also whoever was present during the screening. It was quite refreshing to witness how for someone who has accomplished so much to still remain humble. In this industry that is an unfortunate rarity and should not only be celebrated but supported.


While some of you may not have heard of this stylish magician behind the music, after watching Across the Board it will become clear what is obvious to so many: that Om’Mas possesses an innate gift from God that has been carried through an impressive musical lineage.


Throughout his two plus decade career, Om’mas has honed his birthright as while acquired more skills that made him into the “composer, arranger, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and executive [he is today].”


As reported by the energy drink phenom:

“Om’Mas Keith: Across the Board tells the story of Grammy® Award winner Om’Mas Keith and his journey from a humble avant-garde jazz upbringing in Queens, NY to becoming one of today’s most in-demand producers and collaborators.


The short-form music documentary shows the passion, struggle and triumph of a life spent dedicated to making music through honest and intimate moments with artists Erykah Badu, John Legend, Miguel, Ty Dolla $ign, and more.”


Not to risk giving any more away from this must-see documentary but definitely expect a journey filled with some laughs, feeling of nostalgia, and inspiration. Through Across the Board Om’Mas welcomed spectators into his world while impressing the importance of self-expression. Viewers can also expect to witness the sheer power of unadulterated connections with like-minded individuals: the result being pure magic.


Just take a look for yourself here, you won’t be sorry!


For stills from the film click here 
Starting Friday, June 17 Om’Mas Keith: Across the Board will be available On Demand exclusively on Red Bull TV / RedBull.TV with additional content, images, and videos on YouTube/RedBullMusic and To view Om’Mas Keith Across the Board please visit RedBull.TV or download the Red Bull TV app on mobile devices. 
Red Bull TV is distributed digitally across mobile phones, tablets, consoles, OTT devices and Smart TVs.
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