By Cory Giles

During his run in hip hop Biggie had some classic videos.


Some of those videos we remember to this day and some videos were under appreciated. Growing up in a time were music video shows were huge Video Music Box , Rap City , and Yo MTV Raps BIGs videos were a constant. Now let me take y’all through so,ex of those classics.

Total’s ” Can’t You See ” with Biggie was a classic. Biggie and Puff showed that they were a duo you would never forget. Biggie’s line ” Give me all the chicken heads from Passedena to Medina ” still rings off today.

” Flava In Your Ear ” is one of those rap collabos we will always talk about. Biggie and LL touched the same beat. The video had that signature Bad Boy swagger.

Now how could we not mention ” Juicy ” it’s the anthem for anyone from the Hood who has a Dream. BIG let the world know on this track dreams can’t come true.

Biggie’s last video ” Hypnotize ” left a lasting impression on everyone. This is how BIG is remembered.

BIG is gone but Diddy helped his memory live on and with the video ” Sky’s The Limit ” it sure did help.



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