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In case you’ve been living under a rock, T.I’s highly anticipated ninth studio album Paperwork, hit’s stores today Tuesday October 21st.


Last night at SOB’s in Soho, a popular spot to display upcoming as well as veteran music, Hot 97 held a listening party for the Atlanta native.  Let’s just say if it wasn’t clear before, it was now more than evident why producer extraordinaire Pharrell dubbed T.I the Jay Z of the south.



You don’t need to know much about the music industry to understand that times have changed.  We now live in a society where instant gratification at times is sought out after more than quality.  So that being said, what I think Pharrell meant by giving T.I that “title” was more than just calling him a talented rapper, it was about longevity and versatility.



T.I and Hot 97’s on air personality Ebro touched upon that during their interview.






T.I expressed that he definitely wants to do more and he believes he has more life left in film.  With that statement, in between listening to his new tracks, came an exciting announcement:  ATL 2 is in production! T.I plans to “pull a Best Man Holiday” and have the film ready hopefully in time for its 10th anniversary.




As we were in the presence of T.I and a couple of his artists/collaborators (the dope Victoria Monet and Dej Loaf) I noticed the crowd’s reaction to T.I’s words, both live and recorded.  The crowd, myself included, was definitely in the zone especially NY native Maino who made an appearance and showed some love.  If I appreciate and respect anything about T.I, it would have to be that he isn’t afraid to express all sides of him.



When you cop the album, you’ll be able to see the intellectual and somewhat political side of him on New National Anthem featuring the accomplished Skylar Grey.  The world probably first heard that track during the Mike Brown tragedy, but it was revealed that he actually recorded it prior and it just fit.




Another side you’ll be able to hear is his sexy side, which I can speak on behalf of the ladies that it is a side we welcome!  The must listen to track for that is Private Show featuring, who else but Mr. Take You Down himself, Chris Brown.  Now, a track like that isn’t quite possible without a muse so Tiny definitely came up which made audiences see yet another side to Tip.



The family man in him made an appearance.  You can see more of that on his show ‘The Family Hustle’, but it was refreshing to see it in him even when he was alone.  After playing his title track and another one named G Shit, T.I mentioned that all he does and has done he couldn’t do it alone.  He gave a shout out to his wife and his support system that he clearly cares for deeply.





Not sure what more you could ask for from an artist when they lay it all on the line like that and quite creatively, so make sure to grab your copy of Paperwork today!




Author’s Note:  Must listen to tracks in addition to above mentioned- Stay and At Ya Own Risk

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