By Cory Giles

Positivity is one of the most beautiful things in the world.


To share your positivity with millions of people is a gift. Some people just do it by art, and some by voice just like B.B. Thomaz. B.B. Thomaz is a very gifted singer on her journey to greatness. On her journey, she is touching everyone who comes into contact with her. Not only by an in-person encounter but by the sound of her amazing voice. B.B. embodies a person with an amazing spirit, check out my interview with the singer to get to know more about her.


Cory- Tell Us a bit about yourself?
B.B.- I’m a singer, songwriter, producer. Born in NYC, grew up and living in Germany. The things that fuel my life, are: fitness (I’m a WORKOUT-aholic !! Lol), motivating and inspiring other people through my music (and podcast) and happiness – I need to be happy EVERY DAY!!!

Cory- What inspired you to become a singer?
B.B.- For me singing was always my safe place, my remedy, my cure to heal from all the BS that I went through in my childhood. I initially started to sing, just to ease the pain  to escape.  I started to write songs and go on stage, people were touched by the messages in my songs. Even though I was shy with absolutely no self-esteem and was terrified to go on the stage, knew that my songs were bigger than me and that I was supposed to be a singer.


Cory- Growing up what artists did you listen to?
B.B.- Lauryn Hill, Maxwell, Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, India Arie




Cory- A lot of stars come over after building a brand in their home country, how has it been building your brand here in the U.S.?
B.B.- Since I was born in NYC,it will always be my home. I decided to come to the states for 2 months in 2014, didn’t have a plan or know anyone I just stepped out on faith. I always believed in the good and in miracles so I just kept my ears, eyes and heart open walking through manhattan’s streets, experiencing  life there I met by chance Rowena Husbands who became my manager she believed in me, supported my dreams, guided and pushed me to be the best artist I can be. I am extremely ambitious and hard working  Rowena is a very determined person  so in less than a year we were able to build a buzz in NYC, I started to perform at showcases, worked with other artists , top songwriter and producers and had several radio and magazine interviews… And I’m so thankful for that!!!


Cory- How does playing instruments affect your writing process?

B.B.- It creates a deeper connection between my lyrics and music  it also affects my performances. When I perform one of my songs as an acoustic version on the guitar  – it’s very intimate, very authentic, personal and emotional. The energy is pure its a magical moment…


Cory-What Inspired Fighter? And If you had to do the Remix who would you want on it? If a female artist it would be Lauryn Hill  and if a male artist it would be Kendrick Lamar.
B.B.- If a female artist it would be Lauryn Hill  and if a male artist it would be Kendrick Lamar. Fighter is my story. The story of my fight of my past, my fucked up childhood, against all the people in my life who didn’t believe in me, who told me that I was a nigger and that I was worthless and should kill myself. this song is also my fight against the negative self talk that was  in my head
After realizing how many people were inspired by my story and song Fighter, I felt that there was so much more to say and maybe I could  motivate  them to fight for their dreams.  I learned  that  helping others you help yourself, you heal yourself…



Cory- Now you are currently on tour, what is your fondest tour memory from this current tour?
B.B.- The moments when I cried because I got so emotional…  There is a song that I co wrote Don’t Go Missing with an amazing songwriter & producer from NYC (Kyle K 2 Stewart) – he passed away 1 week after we finished that song and an hour after leaving my performance at BET Music Matters  last year. Every time I sang that song, I could feel his presence, It was very special


Cory- What are three things you can’t live without while on tour?
B.B- Fitness, my MacBook, and  meditation.


Cory- Where can people hear your music and what do you have coming up in the near future?
B.B- Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, amazon… I’m shooting a movie in October, the release of my EP, and second part  Fighter 2 the prequel music video. which will show my life story  as it  reveals things I went through from a child to adulthood.



Cory- Now your a very positive person, can you give some tips of positively to our readers?
B.B.- Affirmations!!! Every morning I repeat simple mantras like; I am happy today, I have an ultra positive mindset, Plus I made it my goal in life to see the positive in everything: small simple things even the negative things that happen every day

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