By Jasmine

 It seems as though Beyoncé isn’t the only entertainer that’ll have a college course influenced by her musical achievements.


Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia will be dedicating a class to the legendary Atlanta duo, OutKast. 


 The course will be offered in the upcoming semester, called “OutKast and the Rise of Hip- Hop South.” The course will be administered by a professor out of the Languages, Literature, and Philosophy department by the name of Dr. Regina Bradley. 


Dr. Bradley enjoys finding ways to connect African-American literature to the students through pop culture. The upper level English course’s objective is to research the ideas about the south and how it influences Southern writers. 



Bradley’s goal is to embark knowledge on hip-hop heads as well as those who often dislike urban music. She states: 


 “For the folks who are just as in love with Outkast as I am, I also want them to feel like they can contribute to the class — that’s particularly important,” I also don’t want to overlook or shun the folks who aren’t familiar with hip-hop at all.”


It may be a great way to engage the students of the south through pop culture, and having a course that allows them to relate may improve their literacy and creative skills. 

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