By Tiamari

Vine is one of the newest ( well not to new ) social media platforms to shine the light on new talent.


MRose is one of those talents. Don’t believe me ??



Now you believe me huh? She is indeed truly talented and I recently had the honor of sitting down with her.



SH: Who is MRose?

MR: I’m a very chill laid-back person “as she giggles”. I m very humble, and I’m down to Earth. I believe that everyone should be treated how they would want and like to be treated. I’m a girl that every one can relate to.




SH: How did the name MROSE come about?

MR: Well when I had Cancer I had the badly and a big butt and every one would mistake me for Amber Rose. My first name is Mariah and my middle name is Rose, so one day since people kept mistaken me for Amber Rose, I decide to go by Mrose.




SH: Where are you from?

MR: I was born and raised in The Bronx and now I reside in New Jersey, I’ve been here for nine years now.  I rep them both.




SH: How old are you?

MR: I’m 22 years old but I’m going to 23 in March.




SH: When did you start singing?

MR: I’ve been singing since I was 3




SH: What does your music represent?

MR: My music “as she laughs” my music is all over, like I can do trap music to alternative R&B, I can put you in all different moods from crying to doing things to you boyfriend hint hint. If I can do country I would but that’s not where I’m at right now.




SH: when did you start playing the guitar? Do you write your own music?

MR: I actually just started playing the guitar like five months ago. I taught myself. Yes, I do write my own music.




SH: What inspired you to do the MRose mix up?

MR: I just have an ear for music, it just happens. I will be in my room zoning to instrumentals. All these different songs will just come up in my head, ill just put a three-song combination on an instrumental.




SH: Are you signed yet to a major label?

MR: No, I’m actually not, I’m more interested in being an indie artist for now.




SH: How did you get discovered?

MR: I got notice through a social media network app called Vine. When I had Cancer I performed at Radio City Music Hall and The Garden of Dreams. They were programs that cater to homeless children and children battling Cancer or a rare disease, and help them achieved their dreams. I also was apart of the Jay Fund Foundation, the Giants coach Tom Coughlin gave me the opportunity to sing the national anthem at the Giants pre-season game. I also have a make a wish foundation set up at Def Jam Record Label.




SH: As you mention to us earlier you are a Cancer survivor, how was that experience, and how did you beat it?

MR: I would first like to say, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone or my worst enemy. It was the most challenging moment in my life battling Cancer I even stopped singing. My house was pure silence, all I thought about was dying, one day I woke up and said I’m going to be happy and I started to sing again, even when I was in pain I sung a song to get me through the pain. I was always smiling through the pain. I wanted my mom to hear me sing again.




SH: What advice can you give someone that is going through what you went through?

MR: I would say to them “never give up”. Don’t let it break you, always speak positivity into existence.




SH: Did you ever think Vine would take your career this far?

MR: “she Chuckles” No, it didn’t cross my mind even once, I honestly left vine when Instagram came out their own videos. My friend told me no to leave, I then came back and posted a video and my stardom started from there.




SH: Who inspires you?

MR: I want to say my mom, but everyone says that, I would like to say battling cancer is what pushed me to stay strong and not given up on the music, I don’t know where I would be without the music.





SH:     What artist and producers have you’ve worked with already?

MR: I worked with a few artists from Vine such as female rapper Kiyanne and a female singer named Juliet Burke in which I have done song with both ladies, and you can check them out on my sound cloud.




SH:  What artist would you to work with today and why?

MR: Kendrick Lamar because I like his music and he seems like he is a down to earth person and been through the struggle. Jhene Aiko because she has that cool vibe, music you can chill and smoke to. I would also want to work with Chris Brown because I want him to remix my single “Wife Beater”. I have a few more female artist such as Nicki Minaj, Jazmine Sullivan, Lauryn Hill and Tori Kelly.




SH:  How do you deal with the negativity that’s thrown at you on social media while pursuing your Dreams?

MR: “she chuckles” I want to say I don’t really care what people say anymore, because this is just practice for me when I become famous. Half of the people don’t know what I go through, don’t get me wrong some of the comments that was said used to get my upset but now I don’t pay them any attention.





SH:  What makes you different from other artist that is out today?

MR: I think everybody is to busy trying to fit in, and  I’m just trying to be me and stay in my own lane. I want to change the way society looks at artist in this day and age.




SH:   When did you start playing the guitar?

MR: I actually started like 5 months ago. I taught myself how to play the guitar.





SH:   Can you tell us how the experience was auditions for the hit show The Voice?

MR: The experience was great but, I did not pass the second round and its like 4 rounds, I just was sitting and thinking to my self if maybe this not for me. I also tried out for American Idol, its very nerve wreaking. I tried out like 6’s times, even when I say its not for me I still encourage myself, and take a chance to try out again.





SH: With becoming an artist it comes with a lot of competition, there’s a lot of negative vibes how do you deal with it, how do overcome the challenges of someone that don’t believe in you?

MR: I feel like I am a very likable person, I don’t feel like I’m in competition with anyone. I’m very humble and chill and I create my own path.





SH: How did you feel when your latest single “Wife Beater” hit the top 40 charts on Itunes?

MR: OMG! I cried, I was coming home from New York City, from an Usher Concert. I have to tell this  story,  while I was riding the train a lady on the train seen me crying and ask if i needed a hug and i said yes. The Lady ends up giving me a hug and letting me know  that she is battling cancer. The woman was so helpful she was apart of a charity as well  and we  both exchanged information that night. Now I don’t know, but that was my GOD looking out.





SH: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

MR: I’m going to be Famous.





SH: What can we look for in the future?

MR:  I will be performing my latest two songs “Wife Beater and “Trippin” at SOB’s in NYC on Monday January 26, 2015. I will be dropping  an EP and I also want to book a tour and dropped and album all within this year.





SH: How can people get in contact with you? How can people listen to your music?

MR: IG and twitter: @theofficialMRose

Vine @Mrose


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