By Jasmine

As we approach the end of the school year, more people are wanting to catch up on their favorite shows, and we have the answers to what you’re looking for.


Netflix is known for their variety of great TV series and below you can find out the Top 5 TV Series of 2017 thus far ….


1.)  Breaking Bad, all 5 of the 5 seasons of this amazing AMC series is the top pick for Netflix users to binge on. 

2.) Freaks and Geeks, Freaks and Geeks is a NBC original that was cancelled after its first season.. it’s said to be a well spent 18 hours! 

3.) The Walking Dead, another AMC series which is currently the hightest rated television series. You can catch up on the show for Netflix provides 6 out of the 7 seasons. This zombie apocalypse series has its moments where when it’s good it’s amazing and other times where the episodes can kind of drag.. but nonetheless you won’t be able to turn your eyes away from off the television. 

4.) Louie, showing all 5 seasons, this a comedy that will have you laughing non stop yet feeling every other emotion throughout its episodes. You will get so hooked. 

5.) Friday Night Lights, this all time favorite series sheds light on family, football, and reality. This tv drama will leave you wanting to be a better person and you’ll be more understanding. All 5 seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. 

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