By Taleen

One of the illest female MC’s


It goes without saying that the streets of New York, specifically Brooklyn, have raised talents that have become the heart and soul of Hip Hop.  Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand, a.k.a Foxy Brown, is no different.  She’s probably best known for her debut album ‘Il Na Na,’ which is a feat in and of itself, especially for a female.  In a time where her field was male dominated, she made a name for herself and for all the right reasons. 
She is not only beautiful and could be hard yet feminine, but she has an abundance of innate talent as well!  She is a storyteller and her delivery is poetic.  No one, but specifically females, can hear songs like ‘Saddest Day’ and not feel the emotion. 
Foxy could collaborate with Jay Z, Case, or with Total and bring it each time and adapt without compromising who she was/is.  That is something that unfortunately some artists today are not able to say about themselves.  Foxy isn’t just a talented artist, she’s a fighter.  She has gone through some personal struggles (ex. hearing loss) and overcame them while inspiring others.  That, is why she is my favorite Def Jam artist.  
Author’s Note: Broken Silence is my favorite album of her’s, specifically because of tracks ‘Oh Yeah!’ and ‘Hood Scriptures.’
Photo Cred : AtlantaBlackStar
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