By Taleen

With the I Love The 90’s Tour officially kicked off, as we reported here, I can’t help but show more love to the incredible group Salt N Pepa. They are living legends and their hits epitomize why they are amongst the greats.

While the mark they left on music history is evident (not to mention pop culture in general!), I wanted to refresh your memories on the tracks that may not be as well known as Shoop or Push It.

It has been said that life imitates art and this could not be more true in the track Heaven and Hell. Salt N Pepa bring to the forefront issues that are part of every day life for some people and that need to be addressed while providing support and motivation.


The feminist movement has just recently (in the grand scheme of things) taken off but Salt N Pepa brought it to our much needed attention decades ago with this powerful track, Ain’t Nuthin’ But A She Thing:




Music, at least in my opinion, is meant to inspire and unify. So it’s no surprise that some of the greatest songs are actually collaborations of different genre’s and this track, Imagine featuring Sheryl Crow, is just another wonderful example of advocating “unity in the community”:

Enough said.

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