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As most of you may know… DJ Khaled has all the major keys to success. He is a DJ, spokesperson, author, social media guru and now it seems he may be the major key to finding America’s next voice!


Khaled is most certainly a busy man. He is a now a father and will take on another new role, this time as advisor along side Alicia Keys on the upcoming season (Season 12) of the hugely popular and long running hit show “The Voice.”


Alicia Keys feels as though she has an advantage against the other judges with DJ Khaled in her corner. Reports say Alicia Keys is fond of having him as the advisor and in a recent interview she confirms just that by saying:

 “I feel like it’s so incredible to have the diversity that I’m able to bring to the show, especially through Khaled. I feel like there’s so many ways to look at music, there’s so many ways to create. It’s not just about being a great performer, it’s about being a personality, for the energy that you bring to come out. I think that is what Khaled does very naturally.”

According to Khaled, he was offered the opportunity via text. He feels as though he caught a W teaming up with Keys. He gets to work with Keys and the contestants, while also working on new music with the R&B singer. Khaled mentions:

“We gotta put it out there. We’re gonna do it. We’re gonna work hard. We’re gonna make it happen.”

Make sure to tune in! The Voice will air on February 27th, 2017 at 8/9c on NBC.

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