By Jasmine

It seems like Kanye West’s twitter rant back in early February about his album “The Life Of Pablo never being on any other streaming service other than TIDAL or ever being for sale was just talk.



As of yesterday (April 1st), Kanye West’s seventh studio album was just made available to be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and Sound Cloud after having been on TIDAL exclusively for the past 6 weeks.



Earlier this week the tracks “Famous” & “I Love Kanye” were uploaded on the other streaming services low key. Then, Kanye issued the “final” version of TLOP on TIDAL with a couple changes to a few songs, before allowing all the rest of the other streaming services to play catch up, to only later provide them with the album as well.



With still no physical copies of The Life Of Pablo”  it can be streamed in its entirety for free on your favorite streaming service right now. Check out Spotify and Sound Cloud’s streaming links of the album below:



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