By Taleen

…Haitian Jak.


Born in Paurt Au Prince, Haiti and raised on the streets of Brooklyn, Harlem, and the Bronx, NY, Jak definitely developed a love and inspiration for music.



It really helped him with his writing as well as escaping from hardships brought on by being different growing up.  When he was a kid he got jumped everyday and was called names.  Unfortunately, on Troy Ave in Brooklyn this is just the tip of the iceberg.



Jak saw a lot growing up, some would say too much. So it’s not a shock that his experiences coupled with him being Haitian (a very musical culture) led him down the path toward music.  Music is what he knows best. It’s in his blood after all and like most, it was his escape.  Growing up in the heart of Hip Hop’s birthplace it was inevitable that none other than The Notorious B.I.G, Mob Deep and Kriss Kross would influence him.



Once that fire was lit, it was only a matter of time until he took matters into his own hands.  When he was just 13 years old, he and his boy went to an open mic showcase.  His boy took the stage and let’s just say the people of NY spoke and it wasn’t good.  Not wanting to be labeled wack by association, Jak took the mic on instinct and started to spit.  It just happened and when it was done the crowd spoke again, but this time in Jak’s favor.  They suggested he stick to the rapping and his boy be the hype man.



That day he learned a valuable lesson: to never give up on his talent.  As he gained experience in the game, he learned that it’s not personal and in order to have longevity and attract the right people to grow with you, you have to be a little cocky.  Another thing that he’s learned and wants to share with those that want to purse the game: is to find that spark you have within, invest in visuals to build your brand, and keep a lawyer on deck!  Also make sure to set a goal for yourself and execute your plans because with that comes achieving your accomplishments.

Lastly, Jak wants to give a shout out to TORCHMMG aka ELCHAPO


Author’s Note: Keep it locked for updates and for videos on Jak.

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