By Tiffany

Last night’s Who’s Next hosted by Hot 97 at SOB’s featuring BJ the Chicago Kid, Adrian Marcel and Mila J was like R&B paradise.


From R&B/Pop, R&B/Soul and R&B/Hip-hop, these up-and coming artists treated the audience to a taste of what the current R&B resurgence has to offer.



BJ The Chicago Kid was the first act out on the Who’s Next stage and held no punches. His soulful, rich voice had everyone wanting more. The live band bought a classic R&B vibe to SOB’s, but never overpowered BJ who handled signing over guitar riffs and heavy bass like a pro. Born in raised in Chicago, BJ is living proof that Motor City is still producing stellar talent, the Motown signed singer is also a songwriter and has worked with legendary artist such as Marry J. Blige and R. Kelly. Most recently, he lent his soulful vocals to Schoolboy Q’s hit, Studio, which he also performed live and with a passion that had the crowd going.




Adrian Marcel, of 2 A.M . fame hit the stage next with the confidence of a vet. While serenading a special girl down in front with Killa, it was clear that Adrien Marcel is in the R&B game to win, he has the chops and the charisma to win over any listener. Between giving advice on love, and little strip tease for the ladies, Adrian put his spin on classics like R. Kelly’s Bump and Grind and, unexpectedly, Floetry’s Say Yes. Throughout his set, Marcel’s vocals we’re passionate and his countless falsettos we’re clean and on point, proving that he has the talent and skill to match the pretty boy face.  Look out for his album #GMFU(Got Me F*cked Up) in early 2015 to hear more of his hard-hitting R&B.


West Coast’s Mila J bought her eclectic sound to Who’s Next, she had an immediate connection with the audience and came to put on a show with Smoke, Drink, Break-up, an ode the “it’s complicated” relationships everywhere . In a world if generic tones, we would have loved to hear Mila’s unique voice without the backtrack, but with dance moves like hers, who could blame her? She’s been dancing since she was a part of 90’s girl group Gryl.  Another Motown signee, Mila brought her sweet/edgy girl vibe to the party and the audience was hanging on to her every move. Ending her short and sweet set, complete with Shmoney Dance, Mila J bought out her newest single My Main off of her upcoming M.I.L.A. (Made in Los Angeles) Album which drops September 30th.




As usual, Hot 97 has cultivated talent for Who’s Next that are already slated to make a impact in the music industry. Last night’s artists proved that listeners want something different from the average autotuner, and that authenticity and passion in the music will keep the people wanting more from an up-and-coming artist. Don’t want to miss out on emerging talent? Stay in the loop on what’s hot by checking out

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