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3.31 brought the world Wale’s fourth album, The Album About Nothing. Wale stopped thought the Ebro In The Morning Listening Lounge to discuss his latest project.

Never really sure what to expect when Wale shows up, Peter Rosenberg described the rapper’s attitude as his “favorite Wale ever”. Despite admitting to being shot from a long day of press, Wale was energetic and witty as ever, who knew he had such a sense of humor? This side of Wale did make the collaboration he did with Jerry Seinfeld on this album make a lot more sense. Kicking of the night with a story about how Jerry showed up to the photoshoot for the album cover in Air Maxs, and the need to go cop him a pair of Jordans on the spot. Wale’s shoe choice was obviously more calculated, choosing to rock 4s, seeing that TAAN is his fourth album.

Not to be misled by the title, Wale admitted that a lot of hard to reach places were touched on this album, and that the project itself was a moment of clarity for him. Choosing “The One Time In Houston” as the first track to listen to because it fit his mood at the moment. Reminiscing after the song about one time he was in Houston so fucked up he knew he had to make a song about it. A story that was followed up by a young lady hand delivering him a blunt on stage while the next record played.

Promising that the album as a whole contains songs that touch on all emotions, Wale became particularly shy when his current single “Matrimony” blared through the speakers. So shy that he asked that it only play through the first verse. Confirming after that there is not someone special in his life right now, but that he is at a point where he is open to finding his better half. A message that was well received by the ladies in the audience who were forward as hell with their willingness to fill that positon.

The Wale that showed up to the Listening Lounge was refreshing. Still confident to the point some would call him cocky, yet more self-aware. His passion for his craft is undeniable and his desire to continue to grow as a man and an artist is inspiring. His competitive spirit is not for the weary, and by the way he has been carrying around a championship wrestling belt as a reminder to anyone who may not know.

One thing Wale was clear about is that rapping is not a lick for him. He is in this for the love and for the long haul, made evident by the growth and skill displayed on his fourth album. It is out now, go get it.

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