By Cory Giles

R&B is different than it was 10 years ago.


Names like Ne-Yo, Mario, and Trey Songz were set to lead a new generation of young R&B stars. As time when on the R&B sound was changing drastically. A lot of these R&B acts were starting to sound a bit like rappers.


In a place known mostly for hip-hop, there is a voice coming through the cracks that take’s you back to those early R&B days. That voice comes from Ahmaad Harris.


CG: Tell us a bit about yourself? And what do you think about its R&B scene?

AH: My name is Ahmaad, R&B singer outta Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I’ve been doing this for a good amount of years, releasing a couple mixtapes and most recently an EP titled “Love Goes On” which dropped back in 2014.  I think the R&B scene in Brooklyn is at a good state, there’s a lot of underground & signed R&B artists from here that’s getting shine, putting out dope music & building their buzz up. So overall I think it’s solid


CG: Where do your draw your inspiration from when it comes to your music? I heard “Only You” and would like to know is it based on a real life feeling?

AH:  I try to apply real life when I’m writing my songs. I think personal experiences makes for the best songs and are the easiest to write because you went through it. That song “Only You” was a song released back in 2011 which was written by Alex Duncan and Samtrax (who also produced the track) Even though I didn’t write the song, I’ve had personal experiences with love that gives me a direct connection to the song, so when I was recording it, I definitely related to it.

CG: How do you go through your creative process when putting together a song and is it the same for when you are creating an album?
AH:  I don’t have an exact formula to how I make my music, I usually get the beat & vibe to it. Sometimes it comes to me in 30 sec., some songs come to me in 30 days. You honestly just gotta write when it comes to you and that can happen at anytime or anywhere.
CG: Now I have checked out what artists inspired you so if you had to do a dream collaboration I need you to pick one of your inspirations and one up and coming artists right now?
AH: That’s a dope question for real. My dream collaboration would have to be NaS without a doubt being that he’s been my biggest inspiration in music & throughout my life. The up and coming artist is tough because there’s so many that I wanna do music and have done music with but I would have to say my sun D. Julien out of Brooklyn. We’ve done a song before called “Get It Right” that featured DJ Kevmoney as well. So NaS & D. Julien on a track with me would be dope in my opinion. But if it came down to having other singers on the track with me, it’ll probably be Stevie Wonder and the up and coming artist would be Ekela from Brooklyn. She’s dope for real.
CG: What do you think about the current state of R&B and what do you feel that you bring to the genre? 
AH: The current state of R&B is good but it definitely can be improved because I feel a lot of singers want to be rappers now and obviously there’s nothing wrong with that because rap & R&B go hand in hand. But I think there should be more songs about love and real emotion again because now it seems to be so emotionless and all about popping pills and being depressed. I’ll pass on that, we definitely need to have that good R&B feel that we grew up on. Those singers talked about love and didn’t look like “suckas” when they did it, so if that feeling is out there, I wanna be that R&B singer to bring those type of songs and style back to the forefront.
CG: What has been one of the biggest struggles you have dealt with so far?

AH: The biggest struggles I’ve dealt with is consistency. I’ve had a problem with being consistent due to things in my personal life, music constantly changing, the way we promote music changing, adapting to whatever is in place at the present time. I haven’t always been dedicated through the years and as a man I can admit that. I’ve had financial struggles of trying to keep up with the Instagram lifestyle that was around for a little while, things that you go through as you get older. My immaturity held me back before as well but growing up, applying the right things to correct my errors and being in a Godly state of mind has changed my soul and mentality so much.
CG: Describe your sound in 3 words

AH: Smooth, Street, Sincere
CG: Last question, what do you have planned for the rest of this year? 

AH: I’m working on a new project called “Sincere Season” which is conceptually inspired by NaS & T-Boz’s characters (Sincere & Tionne) from the movie “Belly”. I’m planning to release a short film along with the project. Make sure you get ready for this




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