By Jasmine

The Slay Queen has done it again, and the Beyhive is here for it !


Beyoncé switches up her flow and gets bilingual on her latest featured track for the Hurricane Relief. The Houston native surprised fans by collaborating with Colombian reggae-tone artist, J Balvin and producer Willy William’s on the remix of “Mi Gente.”


In 2017, the Queen Bey has been keeping a low key musical profile only appearing as a featured guest on a handful of tracks. Which is understandable since she is now the mother of three beautiful children, after recently giving birth to twins. But it’s seems as though her relatively quiet musical year has just turned up a few octaves.


Last night (Thursday, Sept. 28th), the remix was released on Tidal so that all proceeds will be donated to the various earthquake and hurricane relief charities working in Puerto Rico, Mexico and all the Caribbean islands that were affected.


Beyoncé and J Balvin’s plan to donate money to the hurricane-affected areas makes these two the latest musicians to contribute their talents to natural disaster relief funds. Along with others such as Rihanna, as well as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony with their ‘Somos Una Voz- We Are One Voice’ campaign.


Check out the song and video below:

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