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The club was definitely going up last night on a Tuesday (March 22, 2016) in Brooklyn. Baby’s All Right (B.A.R) hosted the Red Bull Sound Select Presents: New York City showcase. The concert was curated by Popgun Presents and it featured artists Le1F, Loaf Muzik, and Nasty Nigel, all natives of none other than NYC.


Red 4


The venue was filling up in anticipation for a night of music from up and coming artists that are slowly making their mark. As expected from a sponsored event, complimentary Red Bulls were given out by the drink that gives you wings.




As one would float around B.A.R, fans and patrons alike were vibing to the music DJ No Life was spinning prior to the first set. The aptly colored red lights throbbed in rhythmic unison with the beat of the eclectic tracks he was spinning. A mix of hip-hop, EDM, and trap filled the ears of the audience while the headbanging DJ got the crowd hyped for the first artist.





Nasty Nigel made his way to the stage and began to do what he came to do. With his big hair and affinity for herbal relaxation, he channeled the rasta vibe of the greats but only time will tell if he will sit among them. He engaged the crowd and drew everyone in with his catchy lyrics and conversation segueing to each track.




Nasty Nigel entertained the crowd with songs like Livin With My Moms and even brought a friend, collaborator, and fellow member of group Worlds Fair to the stage: Prince Samo. Between his charisma and repetitive (but not annoyingly so) hooks, one couldn’t help but sing along even if that night was an introduction in more ways than one. He put everything out on that stage making sure you left a new fan and maybe even a friend.




After a short DJ break, the next act was the high-energy crew Loaf Muzik that poured all of themselves onto that stage. Collective member Oso Dope started things off by introducing himself and the rest of his people on stage that included Shadow the Great (that also took the reigns), Kidaf, and Shine Sinatra among others.




Talk about weather turned into a set up for one of their tracks while the classic “get money, make money” chant got the crowd hyped for the next number that included Shinobi Warz as well as others. Break dancing were welcome interludes that took the crowd by surprise while the group cheered on before continuing with their performance.


Red 3


Loaf Muzik wasn’t about to end their set without favoring us with a performance of a new track that has never been heard by a live audience before! Showing love to the crowd wasn’t enough for them either, they wanted the audience to do the same with one another and urged viewers to come together and stop the violence. Fitting way to cap off a night of music by epitomizing what it’s meant to do: unify and inspire.




The night would not be complete, however, without a performance from Le1f. The openly gay rapper has been making waves since he dropped his first mixtape in 2012. He worked the stage in more ways than one, unapologetically! Between his vogue-esque dancing and energetic delivery one couldn’t help but be enamored.




While all artists are unique (especially this one!) I couldn’t help but think of Azalea Banks after watching him. He stunned us with flexible dancing while he confidently performed his hits like Koi. After a night like this, only one thing is left to be said: there is definitely something in the water in NYC.




If you’ve never heard of Le1f before (or any of the artists from the showcase!) time to update your music library. It’s true what they say, NYC has one of the toughest crowd but if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere and these talented bunch are definitely on their way!




All Photography Shot By : @Ether_Blog

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