By Cory Giles

It’s been pretty quiet since Hov last dropped an album.


That was back in 2013. Now in a world ruled by Snaps and the rise of Soundcloud artists Jay Z is allegedly preparing something new. For the past few months we have seen him with a couple big name producers like Swizz Beats and DJ Khaled. So is it really true?? Well we have very little facts outside of some studio pictures and now we have this 4:44 campaign which is popping up all over NYC.




4:44 is everywhere in NYC right now, the question is what is it? What does 4:44 stand for? had a pretty interesting theory on what it means ” “they both have ‘IV’ tattooed on their ring fingers, which is the roman numeral for 4. their fucking DAUGHTER’s middle name is IVY which sounds identical to IV!!!! IVY = IV IV = 4!!!!”. We have have an answer as of 4:44 today or may may not. Jay Z’s wife is the Queens of surprise projects, so this may lead up to something big from Hov.



There are just so many questions when it comes to this and not enough answers. These new ads are bought to you by Tidal, so one thing I can draw from this is it will lead to a Jay Z based announcement.

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