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Don’t call it a comeback, Karlie’s been here for years. Grinding non-stop,with no signs of fear. In this day in age, it’s the hustler who set the pace. Follow her lead.
Terry : Who is Karlie Hustle?
Karlie : Generally speaking, I am a collection of experiences.  Like every other human being, I am a product of the combined effort of those experiences on my life.  People like to judge a book by its cover, which is why they generally end up shocked when they read my story.  That’s why I’m writing about it.  Folks can learn more about my story on my web site.
Terry : What’s your definition of a hustler?
Karlie : A hustler is someone with relentless work ethic.  This energy can be channeled for the negative or for the positive, which is ultimately a personal choice that every hustler must make.
Terry : Hustle X Good Wood NYC: How did this collaboration come about?
Karlie : My partner had a relationship with Good Wood NYC and put me together with them to make the collaboration happen.  It ended up being a perfect match.HustleTerry : Why Bow-ties?
Karlie : I was wearing bow ties and button-ups as a fashion statement, and wanted to put out my own bow tie that I could both wear and share with fellow hustlers.  The bow tie is more a physical manifestation of a philosophy than anything else.  The purpose of the tie is to give a nod to the behind-the-scenes, unsung heroes who make big things happen.  You may not see them on the red carpet, but they are there behind the curtain or behind the camera or backstage.  They are the ones who are truly orchestrating the greatness happening around us all the time.

Terry : How has the industry perceived the Hustle Bow-Tie?
Karlie : The reception has been great.  People really get the “why” of the piece.  Most recently, Questlove wore the tie on Fallon a couple of nights in a row.  That was really cool, especially because he embodies the hustle in a real way.  Musicians who play instruments are often unsung heroes behind the lead singers or MCs.  They get lost in the shuffle of everyone chasing down the frontman for a photo.  Questlove has really defied the hierarchy and given a public face to background musicians everywhere.

Terry : Are there any other products in your line?
Karlie : We have the BU:SY tee, which is available now.  More items are on the way, including a seasonal tie collection that will be available at a special holiday price.


Terry : Where can our readers pick up a Hustle bow-tie?
Karlie :


Terry : Any upcoming ventures?
Karlie : I have a party I am bringing to New York City called “Groove Candy”.  Neo-soul, classics, hip-hop and reggae.  It’s for people who would rather do the Electric Slide over the Shmoney Dance for a night. That’s happening on November 13th.

Terry : Social Media Sites?
Karlie : If you want to keep up with me, follow me on twitter and IG: @thekarliehustle

Interview Conducted By : @SirSocialiteTee

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