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Who was the 1st artist to signed to Def Jam Recordings.


The greatest of all Time Mr. ladies love cool James but the world know him as LL Cool J. The rapper was born in Bayshore Long Island and raised in Hollis Queens. LL had a very trouble past he witnessed a lot of violence in his family as a young child. At the tender age of 11 he fell in love with hip hop, his grandfather brought him some dj equipment. LL Cool J used to create demos in his grand parents house. The way he grab attention of Def Jam owner Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons. LL produced and mixed his demos and sent it out to plenty of various recording labels.



LL Cool J was signed to Def Jam Records in the mid 80’s. LL had hits after hits, his first record was called”I need a beat” and it was released in 1984. He was one of the 1st hip hop artist to go mainstream. In 1987 he released his second album which was #1 on the Billboard charts. LL cool J had so many top charts hits like “Mama said knock you out”, “Rock the bells”, “I need love, and “Hey Lover”. In 1989 LL released his 3rd album which peaked #6 on the billboard charts. LL cool J is a legend at Def Jam Records he is still known to be Def Jam’s “prized Possessions”.


Check out LL cool J first release “I need a beat”:


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