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After dropping his EP A Good Comeback Story earlier this year, rapper Consequence is back with a new EP Growing Up in New York, which will feature his young son Caiden on the father-son track Heir to the Throne. Consequence chatted with us about the upcoming EP as well as gave us a heads up about what to expect from him in the near future.


Kadeem: In speaking on putting your young son Caiden on your track Heir to the Throne, can you speak about when you first noticed your son had a talent for music?

Consequence: Probably since he was little, since he was born, instead of lullabies I would rap to him. I’ve introduced him to music since he came from the hospital. Literally like maybe when he was two turning three he came to the studio and asked to do one of my parts to a record and that’s when I noticed that he could catch the beat which for an MC that’s critical. He was literally like two years old about turn three like catching the beat. Obviously he had to work out his articulation because he was just learning how to talk, but it’s phenomenal to be able to have, there’s grown adults that don’t have rhythm. It’s always been there, but as he develops it’s been part of his composite so as he develops it develops as well.

Kadeem: Will your upcoming EP, Growing Up in New York follow a direction similar to Heir to the Throne or your track Killers?

Consequence: Well I think with both of the records with the Growing Up In New York, the psychology of the EP if I needed to use the term the state it is really the feeling of the music and the vibes. Obviously you have a record with Brand Nubian that’s the epitome of a time period in New York. The way that Heir to the Throne sonically slaps is indicative of the sound of New York. Between me and my son that’s multiple generations of what the sound of New York actually is. The same music I’m into, he’s into is because I grew up in New York and he’s growing up in New York and so the title of the EP essentially lends itself to what we enjoy in New York. We enjoy boom bap which is Heir to the Throne and we enjoy things that have a reggae overtone which is Killer. So the entire EP will be indicative of that.

Kadeem: What is your opinion about the current state of the New York hip hop scene in general?

Consequence: I think New York is definitely in a retrospective space with a lot of artist, people are kinda going back to some of the boom bap elements. Of course you still have a new generation that’s into trap and other forms of what hip hop is and I think it’s all great. I think essentially hip hop has always been about expressing yourself and what you like and what resonates for you and your musical taste. I think the city musically is in a really great space.


Photo by: Karl Ferguson Jr. (

Photo by: Karl Ferguson Jr. (


Kadeem: Which New York based up and coming artist have you worked with that we should be aware of?

Consequence: Well there’s a guy two R&B singers that I’ve been working with. There’s one guy who’s on the record I got out now a tribute to Prince called “She’s My Apollonia” his name is Peter Baldwin, he’s really dope. There’s another artist I’ve been working with his name is Chris Turner who lives here now but he’s originally from the Bay area but he’s really on it. As far as rappers I’m just watching the board and seeing who’s doing what. But that’s pretty much where I’m at with it.

Kadeem: Besides Mike Cash who are some other producers you have worked with on Growing Up in New York?

Consequence: Jenso Plymouth, and I’m really kinda spearheading a lot of the production myself. So pretty much it’s Mike Cash, there’s John Sparks, there’s Chris Guevara, Mark Crozer, Jessie Blum. I’m definitely a fan of a lot of producers, I’m a fan of Nas, I like Metro Boom, I like Mike Will what they do but when it comes to my music it’s kinda really internally my camp doing my stuff that’s spearheaded by myself.

Kadeem: How do you feel you have grown musically between A good Comeback Story and Growing Up in New York?

Consequence: Well I don’t want to say grow, I just want people to hear it because I think when you say start saying this is gonna be this and it’s different from that and that the the the. I just want people to embrace this body of work for what it is. I don’t want to make it a situation where they’re competing against each other because they kind of have different vibes that I was looking to get different things out of them. I just want people to just be able to digest them for their own thing. I could have easily made it like A Good Comeback Story part two, but this music is different from A Good Comeback Story EP, and I’m not saying one is better than the other. I really feel like A Good Comeback Story is really a classic work for me. I was completely satisfied with the way that turned out and I got great response from it. With this one I kind of have to approach it like it was a new situation so that it doesn’t have to compete with the ghost of A Good Comeback Story, does that make sense. That’s kind of where I’m at with it.




Kadeem: Do you have a release date for when we can expect Growing Up in New York?

Consequence: Definitely it’ll be available for download by the Fourth of July.

Kadeem: What is your opinion about what took place recently at T.I’s concert at Irving Plaza?

Consequence: I mean that’s just an unfortunate incident. I wasn’t there so I don’t know any of the details about it so I don’t know what sparked it. Only thing I see is the end result and what has transpired in the media. So it’s just an unfortunate situation.

Kadeem: What else do you have in the works that you would like us to know about?

Consequence: Growing Up in New York will be out very soon. I will have a full length studio album coming out after Growing Up in New York and it will be this year and my son’s mixtape will be coming out this summer as well and it will be called Just Being A Kid. So we busy, we over here getting to it. So that’s what’s on the plate.

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