By Cory Giles

Manny Blanco continues to release new music.


A few week’s ago Manny released the sequel to his “Tha Black Zack Morris” Mixtape. This sequel contains eleven new tracks with appearances by Ayo Lyte, AM Proper, and Teddy B. just to name a few.


Like part 1, Blanco steps in the shoes of the TV superstar “Zack Morris” from the late 1980s hit teen sitcom “Saved By The Bell”.  With help from Sho-N-Prove’s own SaintBeliev3 (Producer, MC, Engineer), Blanco uses voice overs & skits from the sitcom while rapping over some of his favorite HipHop instrumentals. Showing a great amount of growth and creativity, this mixtape is by far some of Manny Blanco’s best work to date.


Listen to “ThaBlackZackMorris II: 5 Years Of Wisdom”(TBZMII) right under this sentence.


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