By Cory Giles

Zane Lowe is doing a lot of big interviews with hip hop artists.


Now we can add Chance The Rapper to that list of Zane Lowe interviewee’s. Chance The Rapper has been making headlines since the release of his “Coloring Book” project. “Coloring Book” has been making so much noise people are discussing should mixtapes be nominated for Grammys.


This is a question that I feel should’ve been in talks years ago. On top of making noise from his recent release, Chance The Rapper has been talked about for holding up Kanye West’s “TLOP” release,  as well as his relationships with major players in the music industry.


Today Chance The Rapper sat down with Zane Lowe to discussed the things we mentioned above along with several other topics. If you haven’t listened to “Coloring Book” yet, it is available for streaming on Apple Music.


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