By Cory Giles

Talk about expanding you audience in a way artists couldn’t imagine.


For people who are deaf they enjoy music in a different way than others. They pick up on the beats and feeling of the music. When they watch videos they are able to see the lyrics via closed captions. Now thanks to Chance The Rapper they are getting ready to experience his tour through the hire of American Sign Language Interpreters.


This is a major move and a first done in the hip hop community. Hiring sign language interpreters may start becoming a thing for hip hop shows in the future now that chance has opened the door. Chance doesn’t want his fans who are deaf to miss out on enjoying his live shows. But Chance didn’t hire your ordinary sing language interpreters.


Chance The Rapper hired interpreters from DEAFinitely Dope, an organization that aims to change “the way you experience hip-hop and R&B through sign language.” Which is very dope, Chance shot a video with one of the interpreters and it was posted on Facebook (you can view it below).




The tour kicks off on July 2nd, and something else amazing Chance is doing is offering 50 free front row tickets to deaf or hard-of-hearing fans for the remaining shows on his Coloring Book Tour.


To request tickets for a show, email Kelly Kurdi at, text 832-551-7041 or submit your request on the website Let’s see what rapper will be the next to follow in Chance’s footsteps with this.


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