By Jasmine

Back in February, Beyoncé announced her pregnancy with twins through beautiful photos of her baby bump that flooded timelines. 


Just a couple weeks ago Bey and Jay threw an epic and memorable push party anticipating the Carter twins arrival. 


Since earlier this week, there has been speculation that power couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z welcomed their twins. Sources say the twins were allegedly delivered during the middle of the week.


Although there’s still not any say on the gender of the babies, there was a unidentified woman who seemed to be bringing the Carters a baby gift this past Friday. The lady is seen walking into the Los Angeles hospital with a bouquet of flowers and two foot print shaped balloons, one blue that reads “Baby Boy!” and another that’s pink with the words “Baby Girl!” The mystery woman walks back out to her car after entering the hospital to drive to an underground parking lot. After about five minutes, the woman is seen exiting the underground parking lot without the flowers and balloons. 


Check out the photos below: 

image1 image2


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