By Ashley

According to sources, American Idol will not reboot next year, due to conflict between co-owners Core Media Group and FremantleMedia. 


American Idol’s final season concluded on April 7, 2016 after running for 15 consecutive seasons. It’s debut back in 2002, won Fox network record-breaking ratings and continued to dominate primetime television for several years. By 2004, the show was among the most watched shows in the US, but a sharp decline in ratings and expensive salaries for the show’s judges ultimately caused the show’s cancellation.


Despite the decline in ratings and the ultimate cancellation of the show, both NBC and Fox made offers to bring American Idol back in 2018. NBC wanted to rotate American Idol with America’s Got Talent and The Voice. Before an official decision was made to take up either network on their offer, conflict between Core Media and Fremantle erupted. It was reported, that a perceived conflict of interest caused the disagreement between the owners resulting  in a failure to reach an agreement with either NBC of Fox.

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