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Each year, various people from across America and the world, prepare for the 90 beautiful sun-filled days and long nights that we call summer. Kids are all on recess and working professionals are scouring the net, finding last minute deals as they toy with cashing in on their vacation and personal time. Our disposition changes along with the environment. Flowers are in full bloom, the air is thick with humidity, causing a drenching change in our fashion. What is one to do during the most anticipated time of the year?


Socialite Heights has put together our second annual Summer Guide to provide our readers with some insight on how to plan your summer appropriately. We have selected six (6) exciting areas that will help pilot your extra-curricular choices for this summer: Fashion, Vacation Destinations, Movies, Music, Food, and Footwear. Today (July 25th), we kick off our 2nd guide with Socialite Heights Summer Guide Presents “The Intro” where reader will gather an insight on what’s to come each day as we unveil our publication. So please check the site each day as we reveal a new chapter of our 2015 Summer Guide. We hope that this guide will continue to be your #1 source for information, as we are looking forward to presenting this each and every summer.


If you have any questions, feedback, or are interested in being apart of our 2016 Summer Guide please email us @



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