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Check out our latest exclusive with Steven “Steve-O” Carless.


To have a long lasting career in the entertainment industry isn’t easy. There are so many challenges that people in the industry face, as well as those who are trying to find their way in. While trying to navigate through the entertainment industry, building the proper network is essential to having longevity. These days you have many different outlets that can help you build your network.


Steven “Steve-O” Carless has been in the entertainment industry for over 10+ years. He has worked with the likes of Pusha T, YG, and Big Sean. His resume also shows off time at Def Jam Recordings and Atlantic records. Recently, I spoke with Steve about his latest endeavor WAVFN, something that will help people in the industry make connections and connect the dots.





SH: You have been in this game for years, worked at several major labels,  how did you sustain longevity to continue to be an asset to it?

Steve-O: Integrity, network, and information. We are in an ever-evolving culture and world-place and we have to be keen on it. We are more connected than ever before and information is ever more available than its ever been. I would never be exposed to the things that I know now without the help of peers, colleagues, friends and family and the ability to research and cross-reference my findings with the appropriate questions and assertions. Also my values and beliefs for truth and transparency have kept me on the right path away from trappings and self-indulged practices. Pooling these 3 things together I have been able to make some great career defining decisions at crucial times over the years. I’ve done well with most of them, regret none of them but I have essentially learned from each and every one of them. This has helped me stay around as long as I have been and I’m grateful for it and that’s how I have been able to stay an asset to them.  






SH: Social Networks or Online Communities are born every day, some die fast and some life for an extended amount of time, What was your thought process when it came to developing WAVFN? B- How long did it take you to develop WAVFN? C-Why did you develop WAVFN?

Steve-O: It wasn’t really complex at all at first. There are a lot of communities and similar platforms around the world. We just wanted to create a community where people could share concentrated professional information about music and entertainment. It was that simple. Just a place where people could come and learn something about the things that helped shape the way most of us were raised and influenced. My co-founders already had a platform structure in place but we really wanted to get it up and going as soon as possible so we designed everything through slack. We literally constructed the idea and foundation overnight. We just wanted to get to market as soon as possible to begin the learning of our peers and their wants from these sectors of business.





SH: Now your goal through WAVFN is to guide members of the online community through the rough industries of technology and entertainment, how successful you think the brand can be in delivering that?

Steve-O :Very much so actually. They both weave into each other seamlessly. Technology has heightened the experience of entertainment and entertainment is growing sector in the technology space and is still evolving. We can be very successful in our efforts because there aren’t many platforms that do so. There is a huge void for that level of information through such a small channel. People want to know how these things transpire so they can put there unique touch on it. Most things are online or in a book, but experience itself is priceless; ever more from an individual who has done it. Our total and only purpose are education amongst peers and colleagues and we know that this isn’t just a local thing. Information is everywhere but who and how its curated is the crucial piece. Anyone can tell or teach you about the content we bring. The unique part is who is actually giving you these insightful pieces. Who can some up these details and describe them in lament terms for all to understand? That’s our vision and priority to the brand and platform.





SH: Now, how many big players from the tech and entertainment industry do you have on board for WAVFN for people to connect with? Also, will you host live information sessions with these individuals?

Steve-O: We have a lot of surprises in store for our community. What is very important to us is the ability to focus on the content and benefits of joining as opposed to what celebrity, musician or superstar executive you will have the opportunity to speak directly with. This is for pure engagement to understand the depth of craft or scenario that has helped some to be successful or not. That’s the true vision of this. Yes, we will have those influential people in the community with a majority helping us behind the scenes. But as we grow we will disclose who is involved and who will be in our sessions. The most exciting portion of this is our integration into “masterclasses.” These sessions will be interactive with an instructor or moderator and will give specific instruction and one on one sessions with all who elect to opt in. This part is what its all about for us, this is our “Purple Cow.” And we hope of community finds it useful.





SH: Who is WAVFN for?
Steve-O: Wavfn is for anyone looking to reach their greatest potential or find the direction to the path of their dreams. Everyone has at some point had a dream and/or some kind of ambition for something. Our purpose is to provide fundamental under the surface content and information relevant to what is unknown by design unless you’ve had the experience or study. its important to us that we focus on peer-based information to provide an interactive experience of sharing and conversation for our members. Dialogue is one of the most important factors in networking and we promote that the quality of our relationships are the measurement of our success’. 



SH: Now I have gotten some WAVFN Emails, can you tell me about the members on the WAVFN Team?
Steve-O: Well of course, there’s myself and I basically oversee the music and entertainment community integration for all of our content. Nathan McCartney is our strategy and business development leader that oversees the financial and technology content and relations. The knowledge and experience from his corporate and entrepreneurial background is a vital reason of why and how we set our trajectory to build this platform incrementally. Danny Quick is our creative growth technician and operational head who spends his days reading, processing and organizing the information we’ve received and annotating those notes into guides and designs of how to better serve our community. His curation of the information has become the backbone of how we deliver our vision for this platform. We founded this company as people who have walked similar paths and have taken the craft of self-learning as a serious opportunity to help guide and inspire our peers.





SH: You have been in this industry for over a decade, what are the biggest challenges you have faced? B- Also, what do you think is a huge misconception people have about the industry?
Steve-O: Biggest challenges I’ve seen and faced has been building myself into these private relationship-based networks. You have to earn your way in, and you have to be creative learner. You must be prepared and nimble enough to pivot on the move as you make your way through developing your own career. A huge misconception is that most feel that it is simple to thrive and have a bountiful career. Overnight success’ are all that seem to make it to the press and media especially in this era of social conversation. But the true metrics are you cannot cheat doing the work, getting the experience, nor skimming over the information to have a fruitful longevity. Every feels that if they have a talent, passion or hustle that they are qualified to take this on full time—and the truth is they do if that’s what they believe. But that part is just the tip of the iceberg to get started. There is a huge commitment and responsibility to enduring a career in this industry.





SH: Now how do you balance being an entrepreneur and still be able to give time to a label or a project your not the head of? Where does the balance come in and is it tough to keep it?
Steve-O : Balance starts with organization and what you prioritize. I am fortunate because I have been able to work on all that I love. Every artist, project or concept is something I am deeply married too and the passion for it living out its greatest potential is my only goal. I approach everything even in my job assessment as an entrepreneur because it helps me make the decisions needed to be beneficial around the board to my daily tasks and own business ventures. Only tough part is being in two places at once, but I ease that by choosing what needs me the most at that particular moment. It’s not easy, but I put a lot of focus into my decision making. It’s the most beneficial tool in my arsenal.





SH: What advice can your share as far as breaking into the industry, it can be starting at a label, or creating a platform like you did with Best Of Both Offices, what are the 1st steps?

 Steve-O: Believe. Just believe in your talents and gifts, plans and dedication to what your trying to achieve. It has helped me do all I’ve been apart of, even this. In order to be an outlier, they say you need 10,000 hours to be an expert. You have to really believe in what your doing to spend that kind of time dedicated to something. That’s the first and most important thing to me. It drives any thought, idea, or dream you dare to reach for.





SH: What is in the future for you, as well as WAVFN?
Steve-O: For me, I want to be proof that you can do all that you put your mind to. You don’t need to be rich, have straight A’s or have anything exceptional. You can be a normal or average person. There’s nothing wrong with those things, but that’s, not the majority. We all have genius level talent in us and it’s our belief and ambition that will unlock it and contribute to the change of the world before us. All of the greats manifested their ideas through this and I want to do the same. The highest form of a human act is to inspire, and that’s what I want to spend the rest of my days doing. It’s through that where I find the greatest satisfaction and purpose. I plan on partaking in the continued creation of entertainment and the innovation of how we consume it. 



SH: Lastly what was WAVFN stand for?

Steve-O: It’s not an acronym but more of a representation. “wav” comes from water which is fluent and ever-changing and “FN” is a derivative of the function key on the mac which can be used to do just about anything on your PC. You can manipulate infinite commands and maximize utilization of your machine. Thats what the meaning of the company is and also a portion of our mission statement. 





SH: Now tell the people where they can find you socially?

Steve-O: @stevecarless across all social platforms.


 Interview conducted and written by @CoryGiles
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  1. Ashley says:

    You are the best! So so so proud of you!!!

  2. True says:

    I met Jose when I first moved to New Jersey 8 years ago. His professionalism, and not to mention service has not changed since. Best barber I ever had! Best of luck in your endeavors!!!

  3. Tariq George says:

    Professional, very takented and an overall great great guy! I imagine many great things to come from Jose. The sky is the limit !

  4. Rui says:

    Still cant believe we have ppl DJ’ing on NY hottest radio stations that DJ JACK DA RIPPER killed them in the DJ Pepsi competition that he won in 2007…if you dont believe me, ask Kanye, Swizz Beatz, Just Blaze, Enuff or anyone else that was there to witness him get crowned victorius.

  5. Rob says:

    This cat is as real as they come. ..In the hood he’s the ordinary kid you went to school with..of course we heard the name Drew ski….but if you never seen his face..he would be that neighbor from across the street…Humble is an understatement. ..Loyal to his community and always gives back…they call him the Mayor of Elizabeth an he got my vote…im definitely digging socialiteheights…im looking forward an keeping an eye out for more things to come..God Bless

    • Taleen says:

      Thanks for your kind words Rob, as a member of team Socialite Heights I appreciate it immensely! Thanks (to everyone!) for reading and hope you enjoy the rest of our posts.

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